Interior Designers of New Brunswick / DINB

Interior Designers of New Brunswick

The Interior Designers of New Brunswick (IDNB - DINB) is the self-regulatory professional body of interior design practitioners in the Province of New Brunswick.

Objectives of IDNB-DINB

IDNB - DINB's objectives as a professional association are to

  • establish, maintain and develop standards of knowledge and skill among its members;
  • govern the practice of interior design in order that the public interest might be served;
  • enhance public awareness of professional quality interior design and its importance to the human environment;
  • advocate quality interior design education and practice throughout New Brunswick and Canada;
  • initiate support and seek the expansion of quality continuing education and professional upgrading among the members of the Association;
  • cooperate with and support the Interior Designers of Canada, its members and allied associations;
  • establish, maintain and develop standards of professional ethics among its members;
    advance the objects set out in the Act.

IDNB-DINB Executive 2019-2021

President: René Claude Roy
Past President: Rachel Mitton
Vice-President: Lyn Van Tassel
Treasurer: Stacey Cormier
Registrar: Isabelle Roy
Secretary: Rachael Quackenbush
NCIDQ Delegate: Kim Murphy
Intern Representative: Fabie Dupéré
IDC Provincical Director: Jennifer Greene